Harper government has chipped away at environmental protection and research

Web Lead

To the Editor:

My generation and others before have done unforgivable damage to our planet. We now have to ask the young people and support them to make the changes that will repair the damage and save our Earth for future generation.

By reelecting Stephen Harper, we Canadians have failed our responsibility to hold the prime minister and his government accountable for the resulting environmental damages to our sacred Earth, this wonderful creation that the Creator has so generously provided for us. Would not most religions of the world consider this a sin and humanists consider it neglecting common sense?

We should have the right to a healthy environment enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms like 100 other countries have. Instead, the Harper government has gone the other way by chipping away environmental protection, research and many programs. They have muzzled government scientists, are dismantling environmental protection legislation, obstructing, and threatening environmental education and advocacy efforts and much more. I have kept tract of these “crimes against ecology” as I would call it, and could not put that many pages into a letter to the editor.

But I still enter 2014 as an optimist, since many changes for the better are taken place all over the world.

Henry Dahle