Harper government creates its own reality

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To the Editor:

Lorne Eckersley raised an important issue in his July 5 column, “This is the Life: Waving the flag shouldn’t be forced on Canadians”: the simple-minded attempt at mind control in the latest propaganda package from MP David Wilks. David should be well versed in that, having recently recanted in his effort to voice an independent opinion. Can an ordinary MP have a chance of voicing thought when long respected institutions have been muzzled, such as the Science Council of Canada, environmental workers, fisheries critics and more? Recently, scientists held a march in Ottawa, a mock funeral procession with a coffin labelled “The Death of Evidence.”

Under the Big Brother government, reality is no longer studied but created, a postmodernist concept imported from the George Bush government. The muzzling of all departments to speak freely to the public was followed by the elimination of the national science advisor position. This paranoia that the public might become aware of something contrary to Orwellian thought control has become so intense that Canada’s freedom of information ranking has now fallen to 51st out of 89 countries, falling behind such bastions of freedom as Angola, Columbia and Niger.

When truth becomes self-evident through other sources, the Conservative spin doctors reveal their own “paid for” findings, thus chrysotile asbestos (in a Health Canada report) becomes actually harmless, and Tony Clement’s own panel declares safe injection sites are not useful (130 physicians and scientists au contraire). Although the majority of farmers wanted to retain the co-operative Canadian Wheat Board, it was sacrificed to serve the free enterprise agenda. Gun registration was cancelled over the objections of the Association of Police Chiefs. Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area, used for the study of 58 lakes, will be closed. Now we hear that the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory, which monitors the polar atmosphere testing climate models will be dismantled.

The most indicative action of the lack of interest in studying reality was the cancellation of the long-form census, without which it is not possible to study thousands of aspects of our lives and plan for future life. Better to create your own realty rather than study what is and prepare for what will be.

So distortion of reality is another arrow in the rogue government’s quiver. Couple this with economic terrorism replete with random firings replaced by private contractors and social service cutbacks with threats of more, and you will soon have a populace that is compliant, apathetic, servile and nihilistic.

Recently, a special fund for broadcasters to assist in disseminating local news has been cancelled. Ignorance is bliss; the bland can then better lead the blind.

Pierre Trudeau astutely observed, “We absent-mindedly bestow these absolute powers over our lives and welfare on a handful of men in elections dominated by fanaticism and gangsterism, generally without asking of them the smallest guarantee of intelligence or of elementary honesty. Should one of them happen to overstep the bounds, we allow him to be made a judge, or a legislator for life in one of our upper houses. In fact, if we were to extend the powers of the state without having multiplied our means of controlling its policy and limiting its methods of acting, we would tend to increase our enslavement.”

Fait accompli, and the fact that the puppet master is someone who believes in the “rapture” raises concern.

Larry Ewashen