Happiness and wealth come from more than just money

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To the Editor:

(Re: This is the Life: “Creston citizens rise up in face of break-ins”)

Lorne Eckersley writes that Creston is among the poorest of communities in our province. This is news to me, but Lorne knows Creston and its people much better than I do. Up to this point, I was under the impression that Creston is one of the better off towns in Canada. To me, the Creston Valley and Creston are among the richest and blessed places on this beautiful Earth. And here is why.

Where in the world does one find all these wonders of nature, a valley bottom with the best fertile soil and year-round weather that most people in Canada would love to have? A huge lake that is open all winter and that has never been frozen over attracts fishermen from many places.

I always have and still do meet very friendly people. We have a very active arts community and theatre group. The numerous volunteer groups are the heart of this community. I am thinking of the great work people like the Gleaners are doing, and the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors or Therapeutic Riding Program, to mention just a few. People are helping each other daily. I can go on and on. There are some not so well off people like anywhere else, and I believe they are better off living in Creston than anywhere else because so many good and caring people step in when help is needed.

We came to the Creston Valley 32 years ago and had the best and happiest years of our lives even though we earned a lot less income than we did in Calgary. But then, what is more important, material wealth or happiness, or is it maybe a little bit of both? Can we learn from that little country Bhutan about their way of organizing well-being as a measurement of the wealth of their people?

I am ready and very happy to spend the rest of my life here in this most beautiful place on Earth. If it is, as Lorne Eckersley writes, one of the poorest communities in B.C., so be it. It seems to be also the one with the happiest people.

Happiness does not come in dollar bills but from strong social networks, meaningful employment, health, political and religious freedom, and the absence of corruption.

Henry Dahle