Government needs to protect Canada from destruction by greedy corporations

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To the Editor:

I was very pleased to see 200 Creston residents take part in the worldwide uprising against Monsanto’s piracy, taking biodiversity and genetic resources from farming communities, and other crimes. Thank you — it is high time that we stand up and make ecocide a crime against humanity alongside genocide.

The last 20 years have seen very rapid erosion of seed diversity and seed sovereignty. The World Trade Organization (WTO) further accelerated the spread of genetically engineered seed, which can be patented and for which royalties can be collected.

While the majority of Canadians want all genetically modified organisms to be labelled, our prime minister is supporting the likes of Monsanto to prevent labelling.

Our MP David Wilks wrote in a letter to the editor, “Any person who holds a public office position, either elected or appointed, should not only withstand public scrutiny, but stand before the public to explain any shortcomings. If you can do neither, you should do the honourable thing and quit the position.”

I fully agree with him and hope that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will do the honourable thing and quit his position. After all, the prime minister has again and again trampled on democracy and ignored the will of the people.

Mr. Wilks is asking us to be proud, patriotic Canadians. A good start would be to protect our home and native land and our sacred Earth from destruction by greedy corporations. And to get rid of prime ministers and other politicians acting as their willing helpers.

Henry Dahle