Gleaners one of the best things in Creston Valley

Web Lead

To the Editor:

There has been a bit of a flurry of letters about Gleaners. I love Gleaners! Personally, I think Gleaners is one of the best things this valley has going for it. I have probably given to Gleaners more than I have purchased, but it is a close call.

Having always been on a rather low income, and being a good frugal Scot, it was such a blessing to have Gleaners around to cope with my children’s ever-increasing height. With my son coming in just under six feet nine inches, there was no suit jacket to be found for prom and grad (not that I could really afford one anyway). Gleaners came to the rescue, and a volunteer even took me downstairs and helped me look for one. There are so many low-income families in this Valley, in similar situations (well, maybe not with a six foot nine inch son), but with a growing family, where would they be without Gleaners?

Where would our drama groups be without Gleaners?

I love the atmosphere there, and the wonderful, friendly volunteers. Please do not change anything. Gleaners models generosity, sharing, community and care. Please no two-tier systems, and no condemning anyone that maybe someone thinks does not need to use Gleaners. We don’t know people’s personal life circumstances. Thank you to the people that volunteer and keep Gleaners alive and well.

Rhonda Barter