From the Centre: Creston community complex broke personal training record in February

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Whoops — missed another anniversary. This one I actually didn’t know about as Heather dropped off a pamphlet that announced March 13 was World Kidney Day.

There is probably a World Something Day for everything you can think of but these special days bring the spotlight to bear, if even just for a short while, on various subjects we should be aware of. The common thing with many of these various days is that they are all intended to get you to live healthier and longer — admirable goals.

World Kidney Day was simple — just raise awareness of kidney disease and follow some simple rules: start your day with a glass of water, reduce your salt intake, check your blood pressure regularly and do 30-60 minutes of activity a day — simple, achievable items that apply to so many other areas of keeping yourself healthy. Toss in regular checkups and getting plenty of sleep, and you have the foundation of a great personal health program.

Speaking of personal health, we broke another record here (as we are all about statistics and trying to break records here) with February being our best month since we opened in 2010 for personal training hours. Personal training is a service we offer patrons where you can have a qualified trainer meet with you as an individual or with a partner or even in groups of three to six in order to have a custom designed fitness program created to specifically suit you and what goals you would like to achieve.

It is interesting as there is a definite movement (hey, a pun) toward more personalized service in all walks of life, exercise being a key one. While lots of people still like group exercise and the energy created with many like-minded sweaty souls in the same room, there is a trend towards more “me” stuff, like training programs and service tailored specifically to “my” needs in all aspects of customer service.

Another form of exercise, which in this case is free, would be our Free Skate and Curl Day on March 23 at 3:30 p.m., which, if you hadn’t heard, is free. We have been doing this for a number of years and it is a great opportunity to try and throw some curling rocks or just go for a spin around the hockey rink. Who knows, you might find you have a knack for one or the other and will pursue it further!

Another cool thing happening is the fundraiser on April 12 at 7 p.m. up in the Creston Room, ABBA Again, an ABBA tribute band. Hey, I know you either openly like ABBA or secretly still do — I have, in fact, found myself involuntarily humming along to them as I have been hopelessly lost in the bowels of Ikea and have even heard manly-men loggers singing Does Your Mother Know and Super Trouper back in the bush when no one is around. This fundraiser is part of the Creston Concert Society’s effort to raise money to help the Creston Community Auditorium Society change out the seats in the Prince Charles Theatre, which are actually refurbished seats from the old Tivoli Theatre and given new life back in March 1987. Boy, if those seats could talk… butt I digress. That seating has performed above and beyond but has reached the point where you would start fidgeting halfway through Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, which is all the more reason to check out this group and bring relief to the community. Tickets are available at Black Bear Books or for more info call 250-428-2711 or email

Neil Ostafichuk is the recreation supervisor at the Creston and District Community Complex.