Fire protection is needed in West Creston

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To the Editor:

How close we came to losing our bridge to a wildfire on the south end of Nicks Island Road a very short time ago!

A similar incident in the not too distant past was dealt with promptly and effectively by members of the West Creston Fire Protection Society, along with their spouses. They spent hours to extinguish the flames and many more hours to look after hot spots. They all had our safety and security at heart!

The latest episode was looked after by the Ministry of Forests people, who did an equally good job once they arrived.

I ask all of the West Creston naysayers and especially the authors of some very nasty letters if they sat up and took notice! They attempted to tear the community apart by going public with their concerns, instead of taking the honourable face-to-face route, and there were those who did not have the intestinal fortitude to identify themselves.

One of those so-called authors happens to often express his biased and hypocritical opinion in the Advance by offering little more than unprofessional drivel whenever he attempts to write. A bit of appreciation and less ridicule may be in order from an individual who obviously came to this country seeking a better life.

George Esch

West Creston