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Neil Ostafichuk

Neil Ostafichuk

The last month or so have had a few déjà vu moments as I have bumped into young adults that at one time or another worked at the Community Complex. We saw a former guard and maintenance worker that started at the James Ross Pool visiting from Fort Mac, another back home for reading week from the University of Alberta and yet another that moved back after helping open the pool way back in 2010. The common denominator is that I have poor memory skills so usually fumble around for a name or what they did for us and when, but the other common denominator is that after speaking with them, it is a rare occasion that I don’t walk away thinking “Man, did they ever turn out to be a fine human being”.

I may be biased; I have always thought the rigors of studying, training and cost to become a Lifeguard takes a pretty dedicated individual and instills some values which tend to carry though to adulthood or perhaps the profession simply attracts those types of people – who knows? Either way, it’s kind of like marveling one day how you are having an adult conversation with your kids when it seemed like yesterday you were just arguing with them about watching too much TV.

Speaking of TV, if you come check out the Creston Curling Club Butterfly Bonspiel this weekend, you will see how they have cameras and TV’s mounted in the lounge so you can see the other end of the ice and all the super-cool shots the boys are making. This year marks the 72nd year of the Butterfly so why not drift up here for a refreshing beverage and to watch some of the 48 teams compete with each other. (Not at the same time…)

Also marking this busy weekend here is the Creston and District Society for Community Living Therapeutic Riding Programs biggest fundraiser – also known as Art Trot. There will be many donated art works and various other treasures including a vast array of birdhouses to pick your favourite – all available to bid on or purchase with the funds going towards keeping rider fees financially accessible. Truly a great program and a really interesting event to wander around in and check out all the fantastic art.

Speaking of art, I’m just guessing but there may also be some at the Creston Valley Farmers Market which also just happens to be at the Creston & District Community Complex. (which is kind of the whole point of the column…) This is the last one indoors before they move to their outdoor location in April when it will be sunny and hot with birds singing all about. Running from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm on Sunday, this one promises to be the best one yet of 2017 following an attendance of 600 people at the February market. Coupled with numerous and varied vendors as well as great music (if I say so myself…), you are guaranteed to enjoy at least an hour or two wandering around. Remember there is a small amount of parking available at the back of the Complex with the walking path providing access to the front in case things are hopping in the front parking lot.