Exploitation of Syria must be stopped

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To the Editor:

What stirred me most in my latest readings on Syria is that its people, who created such wonderful architecture and other cultural assets, had to suffer so much under foreign domination in their long and amazing history. Some 10,000 years ago, agriculture and animal husbandry originated there, spreading to many areas, including Europe. Its capital, Damascus, is nearly 5,000 years old.

Syria was the envy of many — Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Babylonians, Persians, Macedonians, Byzantines and Romans occupied it. In 1517, it was occupied by Turks, who stayed 400 years and exploited it to the bone. When this ended in 1920, the Arab Kingdom of Syria was created under British appointed King Faisal — of Saudi origin. He was overthrown the same year by the French army, with the support from the quasi League of Nations. The insurgency of Syrian Ba’ath party finally in 1946 forced the French to leave.

In 1958 Syria merged with Egypt, creating United Arab Republic. This lasted till 1961, when Syria had a coup and re-established itself as the Syrian Arab Republic. In 1970, Hafiz al-Assad, the minister of defense, replaced the civilian leadership during a bloodless change and took on the top position in government, as well as the ruling Ba’ath party. After his death in 2000 from pulmonary fibrosis, his son, Bashar al-Assad, was elected party leader and president. He is a medical doctor, and his postgraduate studies in ophthalmology were done in London, England.

In the West, he is described as a tyrant, but that is not the reason for the current U.S./NATO hostilities against him; we know that U.S./NATO are friendly with worse tyrannies, such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Bahrain, to name only three. The main reason for hostilities against Syria is that the U.S., Israel and their hangers-on want there to be a capitalist-friendly regime, which Syria, ruled by the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party, is not. There are very few private banks in Syria, Islamic banks predominate and the Central Bank of Syria is state owned; this alone is enough to call for regime change. Any president or prime minister, anywhere, who puts the needs of his own people above the interests of the Anglo-American-Jewish empire, will be removed. For this reason, Syrian leadership has been vilified, just as leaderships of other sovereign states have been vilified earlier — Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, among others.

Throughout 2011, the empire has been clandestinely doing various criminal operations in Syria. With the help of local puppets, they assembled and armed large numbers of assorted goons to drive terror into Syrian population and security forces. The civilian casualties alone run into thousands, and are conveniently blamed by corrupt western media on president Assad. In this way the Empire is again manufacturing a humanitarian crisis that calls for U.S./NATO intervention, like in Libya.

On Dec. 2, Asia Times Online reported, “NATO had set up a command and control center in Turkey’s southern Hatay province, where British commandos and French intelligence are training the Free Syrian Army. The target: to foment a civil war engulfing northern Syria. From the website of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, comes now the confirmation that a pincer movement may be in effect, involving Jordan. Edmonds quotes local sources according to which ‘hundreds of soldiers who speak languages other than Arabic’ have been moving into Jordanian villages next to the Syrian border.” Lately, over one thousand U.S./NATO Islamic terrorists from Libya and their commander were airlifted to Turkey to infiltrate into Syria; also, some U.S. forces from Iraq were not repatriated, but were transferred to Jordan.

It is clear that the U.S./NATO and their stooges are surrounding Syria, and there is little hope she will escape devastation. Our bloodthirsty, degenerate leaders, instead of caring for their own citizens, are spending taxpayers’ billions on destroying homes and killing and injuring innocent people 10,000 miles from here. This is insane.

Anton Skerbinc