Everyone needs to see how others live

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Creston Gleaners should be grateful for support7)

There has always been a rant on the poor and needy. That’s been going on for centuries. So have the comments against the helpers of the poor and the saying “cold as charities”, mainly from the ones who can’t con the charities or welfare, and think they are a cut‘ above the ones they are downgrading.

I have lived in most of the Canadian provinces and volunteered at places like Gleaners. Every one of these places allowed us to purchase goods at the end of our shifts. So if the people who complain that they observe volunteers leaving with bagsful would like to really understand what is going on should volunteer one whole winter there.

The donations these charities give to other charities and organizations help everyone in the community.

All Gleaners-type charities get short on food at times and have to “ration” their donation of food, so measuring by weight, small bags and cupfuls in small clean containers makes sense. Otherwise, how can you keep all your clients fed?

There are always two sides to any situation, and complaints are nearly always made because no one checked things out. If problems are made public and situations assessed, then this situation would not sound like the politicians slamming each other.

Most of the volunteers at Gleaners are either past retirement or heading there at a gallop. Maybe some of the unemployed could help out.

The poor, downtrodden, lack of jobs and all the other problems one hears about in Canada will always be there because folks like to complain. While complaining, these folks should check out how others live and survive in poor countries then they would be happy to be O Canadian!

Shirley Willis