Every B.C. driver — not just seniors — should have to take DriveAble test

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To the Editor:

For a start, DriveAble suspects seniors of being demented. Two tests are put on for the phony show of DriveAble. I drove 500 kilometres for this and failed. Regardless of how well a person does on the test, out of 100 persons about 90 will fail the test. It is made up this way. There is absolutely no common sense to it.

All of the people of B.C. will lose a part of their freedom with this DrveAble nonsense, big time! Among the seniors of today and the rest of you tomorrow, there will be plenty of house arrests for the rest of your life, all because they did no wrong to anybody. For we seniors, this is the worst punishment in many years. This is from our own government.

Freedom is much more important than DriveAble, and telling us this was done for our own good and safety and that of the other users of the road. Freedom of the people, by the people, for the people will not be taken by the B.C. Ministry of Justice, not even a teeny part of it.

To make the road safe and prevent accidents, there is a simple solution: Make every driver take this nonsensical DriveAble test. That will get us only 10 per cent of all the drivers on the road today. The rest of them will fail. That should solve the problem for all of us, including the people who came up with the stupid DriveAble idea.

Please restore our driver’s licences for us. We are the demented seniors who made it possible for your paycheque to be in the mail.

Dick Kalman