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To the Editor:

(Re: “Sad days to our south”, October 13 Advance)

After reading the latest issue ,I could not help but respond.

Lorne Eckersley evidently is a Obama supporter and as always printed his opinions in a Liberal or left leaning fashion.  That is as it should be, if one maintains a political belief, and I commend him for that.

However, he thinks that Trump is a cartoon character.  This is wrong, especially if you ignore the left media for a moment and focus on the changes that could be made should Clinton be defeated on November 8th.

The news media has not focused on the great number of e-mails that where destroyed by Clinton after the FBI requested them — her answer to questions put forth by the FBI when she was questioned, was “I don’t remember”. Yet she seems to remember her studied responses so well during the debates.  If you or I lived in the US and had committed the wrongs that Clinton did regarding her e-mails we would be in jail.  Ask why not her. Also ask why her subordinates have taken the fifth when questioned.

Would it be fair to report to the Creston population in these articles the major problems that would be faced should Clinton become the President? Look at the Supreme Court as to who would fill the vacant seats and judge how profoundly this would change America. Look at her open boarder wishes, look at her one world order comments that the left have pressed for over the years.   Look at Obama care and the problems that has caused for the medical providers and costs of medical insurance for all but the poor.

Trump may not be the choice of the left but there is little danger in him causing more problems that now exists with his promise to create jobs, correct the problems that exist in the inner cities, bring about law and order in a humane way to change the direction of the USA. More people see him as a way out.

Both Clinton and Trump as president would depend on learned and capable people to guide them once elected. The public should read the facts in regard to just how the Clinton group has in the past managed the economy, trade, jobs, etc. Then allow the readers to judge.

Dave Doerfler

Creston, BC