Easy way to get rid of phone scammers

Web Lead

To the Editor:

I have been reading in the police beat and other comments in your newspaper about Microsoft contacting you about problems on your computer and that they are contacting you to help you fix the problem.

Firstly, these are scammers trying to get inside your computer to steal all your bank accounts and other information.

The best way is to have an answering machine, and then you can monitor who they are. If they persist and you don’t want any more calls, then try what I do.

I have been getting calls from them quite often and there is no way to stop them from calling you, but I have developed a way to shut them up and hang up on you. Ask them all kinds of questions on who they are, what their Microsoft code number is and where are they calling from. Tell them you don’t have a computer or tell them you have an Apple computer — just keep bothering them and they will hang up on you or they will get so mad at you that they will swear at you.

If everyone treats them this way they will soon give up and leave you alone.

Ken Norris