Earthquakes should be kept in mind before running oil pipes to B.C. coast

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To the Editor:

Why is it that some occurrences are so soon forgotten? Could it possible be that they warn of financial or environmental chaos and the powers concerned would rather turn a blind eye in favour of short-term profit? Please don’t tell me that the government and the board members of Enbridge and Keystone have already forgotten the two earthquakes that occurred off Haida Gwai in 2011 and 2012, the effects of which were felt up to 100 kilometres inland.

In my opinion, it is absolute madness to even consider moving Alberta oilsands product in liquid form in pipes through the Rockies and Coast ranges. Just consider a privatized oil pipe trying to withstand the terrific strain and stress of an earthquake. And they are only going to get worse and more frequent. We have been warned. Read Luke chapter 21.

Our poor old world can’t go on forever. The signs of the end are everywhere, but no one knows when or how it will actually happen. In the meantime, the new pipelines must be stopped. A good place to start is with the Council of Canadians, by sending a letter to 700-170 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa, Ont., K1P 5V5, phoning 1-800-387-7177 or emailing

John Edge-Partington