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E-Tips: Embracing a Renewable Future

Creston has signed up for the 100% Renewable Kootenays initiative
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Submitted by Bonnie White of Creston Climate Action Society and Natasha Edmunds of the West Kootenay Eco Society

The Creston Climate Action Society has something big to celebrate! At the Sept. 7 Creston Town Council meeting, council members unanimously voted to transition to 100 per cent renewable energy across all sectors in our community by the year 2050, as part of the 100% Renewable Kootenays initiative. This makes Creston the 11th community in the West Kootenays signed up to take meaningful action for healthier, safer, and more secure communities. Way to go Creston!

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For the last two years, many people were involved to get to this point including members of the Creston Climate Action Society and the West Kootenay Eco Society, represented by Natasha Edmunds.

“I’m grateful, and so are all the volunteers that worked with the West Kootenay EcoSociety on 100% Renewable Kootenays,” said Elizabeth Quinn, Creston Climate Action Society vice-chair and volunteer.

“The Creston Climate Action Society volunteers had worked with the Town of Creston staff as well, who were incredibly supportive. We are elated with the outcome and will now roll up our sleeves to partner with the town to educate ourselves and residents of the Creston Valley to transition to using renewable energy.”

So what does this all really mean?

The Town of Creston has committed to compiling a 100% Renewable Energy Transition Plan in 2022 to determine how the community as a whole should move forward. This plan will build off the blueprint that the West Kootenay Eco Society has used to support nine other local governments to develop in the last year. View the plan at Initial plans will hope to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels 50 per cent by 2030. This means helping with the switch over to electric vehicles, supporting people to use other methods of transportation such as public transit and active transportation, renovating existing buildings to improve their energy use, ensuring new construction is energy efficient, adapting our economy to function more sustainably, finding ways to produce more renewable energy in our area, and encouraging more reducing, re-using, and recycling. This is a community-led approach that will require everyone to be involved with ideas and dedication to bring this to reality.

Please get involved! Write to your mayor and councillors with ideas and voice your support. Read up about the initiative at Look for ways to make a difference! Big change is possible when everyone pulls together.

There is already momentum in Creston. From electric charging stations, to compost bin rebate programs, wood stove exchange programs, and sustainable community agriculture — saying yes to transition to 100 per cent renewable energy is the next step for Creston’s ongoing leadership. Thank you to Creston supporters, volunteers, the mayor, and councillors for leading the way for other rural and small towns to have a safer today and tomorrow!

To get involved locally with the Creston Climate Action Society, please like us on Facebook or email us at

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