Dog owners need to pick up after pet at Creston’s off-leash park

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To the Editor:

We used to live in Creston a few years ago and will be eventually moving back. I was so excited to hear Creston has an off-leash dog park. I have been at the dog park a couple of times now and it was done up right, with the double-gated entryway, the poop bag dispenser, garbage can and more. It also is a nice size for dogs to run around in. It’s great!

I was visiting a few days ago and took my dog to the dog park. I was so disappointed. When I got toward the far end of the park, I had to watch where I was stepping. There were so many piles of dog poop!

Most of us dog owners go there to allow our dogs to socialize with other dogs. Most of us are responsible dog owners and clean up after our pets. It’s too bad that there are some dog owners that use the park as a free dumping ground for their dogs. This is so irresponsible, as the poop bag dispenser is right there and it’s always had bags in it when I’ve been there. It’s so convenient. There is no excuse for not picking up after your dog.

You people make it look bad for the rest of us responsible dog owners. Maybe you should just run your dogs out in the country somewhere.

Deborah Munro