Dike closure by Creston Valley Wildlife Management Authority an act of ‘civil disobedience’

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To the Editor:

It appears the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Authority (CVWMA) has enacted its final act of “civil disobedience” against the Canadian public and those from beyond Canada’s borders that require vehicle transportation to visit and enjoy the discovery of Duck Lake during the spring migration of waterfowl taking a rest in their trip to their nesting grounds in Northern Canada. They have accomplished this by placing a locked steel gate blocking access. All this after the Canadian taxpayers generously provided over $60,000 to fix the road, which had been historically neglected for over 50 years.

Of course, if you ask why they will reply they have the power to commit such acts of disobedience because they have the “mandate” to protect the area. Funny thing: The area was created 50-plus years ago and can anyone show me where any damage was created other than the damage to the road through neglect of maintenance?

What is equally distressing is all this was done under the eyes of our beautiful provincial MLA who professes to do so much for the people of our province. Maybe invalid people, like those in the senior lodges, or those who still have their own transportation who enjoyed the trips to Duck Lake as they had in past are not of significant importance. Really, there are probably only a couple hundred of them. One of them now is me.

Also distressing is that the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is sitting back and doing nothing about supporting the area’s commercial visitor businesses such as hotels, motels and restaurants to promote good visitor access to an attraction like Duck Lake. It is well advertised in their promotional material, but then again maybe they don’t even know where it is.

Maybe our local paper should do a little historical coverage. Remember, though, it’s a two-mile walk to a viewing point and back if the gate is not open.

Cyril Colonel