Decisions affecting Creston should involve all residents

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To the Editor:

I talked to Mayor Ron Toyota today, and it went pretty good. I had questions about the new building on the outskirts of town, how it will benefit our community and, of course, the tax break. I also was questioning the conflict of interest idea that some of us, including myself, of course, have about one of the council members.

I was left with a feeling of satisfactory responses, and I may not be as bitter as I was when I first picked up the phone. I am a sales guy first before a business owner, so I understand where the “tax exempt for five-year” issue came from and, frankly, it makes sense from an economical point of view. But it still does not make sense if two restaurants, two hotel/motels and 10 small businesses go out of business. This is the reality.

So I write this for the concern of my neighbours and business colleagues. I think we need to have a meeting to hash out concerns and invite the town. Should it not be about us, the taxpaying citizens, and not based on what 12 people think is best for the community?

By the way, don’t get me started on the bunker!

Bill Dyck