Daylight time question should be on 2014 Creston Valley municipal election ballots

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Creston Valley services committee discusses mayor’s motion for daylight time poll”)

I am astonished at Regional District of Central Kootenay Area A director Garry Jackman saying that there is no economic benefit to changing time to make daylight extend longer into the evening.

Recently, BC Hydro announced electricity rate increases of 28 per cent over five years, the first increase set for April 1. I don’t know how Mr. Jackman lights his house, but we use electricity. During the months when all communities around us are on daylight time, they are able to conserve electricity for one extra hour in the evening. For instance, when it is getting dark at 10 p.m. in Cranbrook they turn on their lights, but it is only 9 p.m. in Creston and we are turning on our lights. If a family in Cranbrook goes to bed at 11 p.m, it has used one hour of electrical lights before retiring. A family in Creston that retires at 11 p.m. has used two hours of electrical lights. But Mr. Jackman states that there is no economical benefit for Crestonites to have daylight time.

Another factor to consider: Many cities and towns across Canada are becoming more aware of conserving resources and striving to become green communities, communities that care about responsible use of energy. Almost all energy bills Canadians receive have an added tax on the use of energy, so making the effort to conserve is both responsible and economical.

The bottom line? As long as Creston and area refuses the energy saving benefits of daylight time, we will be wasting energy, not conserving, and we will be irresponsible citizens at a time when many are trying to be responsible for our environment and our resources. We will continue to waste energy year after year because some people do not want to be bothered changing their clocks twice a year.

Some like to think we are unique. Yes, we are unique in that we are a community that refuses to participate in resource conservation.

With the increase in electricity rates upon us, I believe the mayor and council are duty-bound to place the issue of daylight time on the next electoral ballot. I would like to suggest that the question be, “Do you want to save on your electrical bills in future by adopting daylight time?” Yes or No?

Gail Bosgra