Current Quebec government lacks credibility

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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my displeasure with the young people of Quebec. I was appalled to witness the desecration of our national flag. I find it does not take a great amount of brain to do this idiotic thing, trampling our national flag. I would venture to say that not all of “La belle province” of Quebec’s citizens act as stupid as the few discontent renegades who show their lack of mental capability.

I saw the writing on the wall when they chose to elect a party known to be separatist. That female, Pauline Marois, lacks credibility to be the head of her party.

Take a look at the news — it has already begun. They have legislated to abolish the use of English in business advertising and so on. They have chosen that route; why don’t we do the same and have English spoken in Parliament? I seem to recall on my many trips to Quebec, especially the Montreal industrial district, manufacturers, breweries, bottling and clothing was advertised in two languages. In my estimation, it will only lead to a big chaotic mass, resulting in hurting our fragile economy.

Let’s go back away, when René Lévesque was premier of Quebec. We prevailed in defeating the separatists then. If the issue ever comes up again, I assure you we have enough levelheaded voters to win.

Richard Lawrence Cote