Creston’s ‘ugly, negative forces’ putting Osprey Medical Clinic owner’s ethics under fire

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Osprey Medical Clinic owner’s silence under pressure a test of professional integrity”)

To Erin Carr, there are two things I would like to tell you. First, I know you and your partner have the support of many positive, understanding citizens of this valley. They are the silent majority. Take heart.

Secondly, in your letter you mentioned this beautiful valley several times. Yes, it is a beautiful valley, but it also has an ugly side. The beauty is wrought by nature, the ugliness is wrought by humans.

Unfortunately, the ugly, negative forces in this community are always front and center on every issue: the initiative to give the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society a little tax money, the initiative to obtain fire protection for West Creston, the proposal for a referendum to determine once and for all the issue of daylight time and, now, the legal and ethical rights of your business partner under fire because of his refusal to publicize his private business dealings.

The negative people with their nasty actions and threats are always ready to do their bashing, to try to intimidate and ridicule others as a means of forcing others to do what they want.

I think it is time that the positive, silent majority takes a stand, makes an effort to counteract the growing negativity that will eventually spoil not the natural beauty of this valley, but definitely the beauty of a good reputation, as a “nice” place to live.

Gail Bosgra