Creston’s PAWS worthy of giving

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Leading a busy life as I do, and having a limited amount of discretionary income and I choose my charity giving carefully. I also look for the easiest way to make donations, using less paper and setting it up so I don’t have to remember monthly. So imagine my delight when I found that my favorite charity, the Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society, has allowed me a way to do that!

I encourage all animal lovers to support this most worthwhile organization, which has contributed so much to this valley by way of rescuing and finding homes for stray animals. It’s easy — just go online to, and set up a monthly donation of your choice, under their full name (don’t enter PAWS — spell it out). You can make the donation in the name of someone (or some animal) who is special in your heart.

This totally volunteer-run group needs your support desperately. Please do it today!

Signe Miller