Creston’s local governments should get involved after clinic closure

Web Lead

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the closing of the Osprey Medical Clinic as I was one of the patients who had their appointment cancelled.

I dispute the position taken by the local governments that they have no role to play in this issue. We are talking about the well-being of the residents of this community.

It was a civil dispute until the locks were changed while one person was still in the office. That means the owner or owner’s agent took the law into their own hands, inconveniencing many people with no notice. The doctors retained legal counsel, so it was up to the owners to do the same and resolve the matter without the media knowing about it and people being inconvenienced with no notice.

Many property disputes arise because one side takes the law into their own hands, cresting bad feelings, when using legal counsel would avoid many problems. An example would be someone taking down a fence line without consultation.

Fred Stevenson