Creston Valley singing group appreciates support

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To the editor:

The Blossom Valley Singers are grateful for two very civic-minded organizations in the Creston Valley.

First, many thanks to the Creston & District Credit Union for their timely and much appreciated donation, designated to help pay for the risers used in our performances.

Second, thank you to the RDCK Area C which, thanks to the director, Larry Binks, granted us a donation to be used for riser protectors to ensure choir members’ safety while standing at the back row.

Our choir is ever-expanding and this fall session we have more than 70 singers enrolled. The Christmas presentation, Singing in the Christmas Trees, promises to be better than ever.

So we, the Blossom Valley Singers, wish the people of Creston and district to know that there is a tremendous spirit of teamwork and co-operation alive and well in our beautiful valley, and we gratefully acknowledge the above-mentioned organizations. Way to go, Creston!

Elvin Strand, president

Blossom Valley Singers