Creston time change opponents are either misinformed or stubborn

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To the Editor:

I can’t take it any more. The March 13 letter to the editor, “Adopting daylight time isn’t practical for Creston Valley“, confirmed that the time change opponents in this valley are either misinformed or stubborn. I really had thought there must be another option, or I was too polite to say so, until now.

I am not “new” to the valley (a resident for 30 years), so I guess I should be one of those allowed to speak. However, I have travelled and live in other places throughout Canada. I would love to see Creston come of age and (gulp) change to mountain daylight time. (So that we all know what we are talking about, “Cranbrook time”.)

The arguments against are ill informed:

1. “Our kids would catch the bus in the dark” is ridiculous and misinformed. People, please understand that our time would be the exact same in the winter as it is now — exactly! Yet people are still ignorant of this; they somehow refuse or can’t grasp this. The winter hours will not be different. And yes, recently the rest of the country changed, and lo and behold, the sun (well, daylight) was up to greet them well before 6:30 a.m.

2. “It’s convenient not to change time. We don’t have to think about it.” Ridiculous. Twice a year is all we would stretch our brains to think, while now we all think about the time every time we go outside the valley. What time is it in Cranbook, Nelson, Vancouver or Calgary? Quick: Your doctor sets and appointment for October in Kelowna — what time is it then? We are constantly checking the time.

3. “We have farmers in this valley, and they need the summer hours to stay this way.” It seems to me there’s a rumour of one or two farmers in Alberta, and they seem to manage. The extended summer evening hours would indeed allow those who work during the day to enjoy the evening hour of sun with their families, or on the golf course, at the river, gardening or strolling around the valley. In the height of summer, yes, we have that time, but from experience I can tell you that extra hour of light in late August and September is most enjoyable and welcome. Pure and simple, that is the huge benefit of change.

4. “Our valley is unique in that it doesn’t change time.” This isn’t just ridiculous, it’s pitiful. Our beautiful valley has so many things to boast of, but are there really people out there for whom this comes to mind when describing Creston? Because if it is, let me tell you: The rest of the country does not care.

Let’s appreciate our mountains, our valley, farms, fruit, rivers, lakes and people, and let the folks travelling through it appreciate it with us — for one more lovely, lingering hour every summer evening. And remember: There no change in the winter!

Eydie Moman