Creston residents should be able to have death memorialized

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Town of Creston weighing cemetery options with RDCK backing out of operation”)

I want to share some observations about the cemetery discussion.

First, I think the community owes each of its members the opportunity to have his or her death memorialized according to the rites and customs of the community.

Second, if Regional District of Central Kootenay Area B director John Kettle thinks town workers are paid too much, he should re-examine the kind of community in which he wants to live. The master and serf model does not sit very well with me. If he is truly searching for those who might be receiving more than their fair share of the town’s scarce resources, I suggest he look a little farther up the food chain.

Finally, a friend once wondered why we don’t combine our cemeteries and golf courses since they look so much alike.

Richard Knutson