Creston residents must watch out for seniors, not harm them

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To the Editor:

The purpose of my letter is to document a growing concern: As more seniors are walking whether due to doctors’ orders, loss of driver’s licences or just to keep healthy and alert, it behooves the rest of the community to watch out for them — not harm them.

In that respect, I would like to send two Frosties (the opposite of a Warm Fuzzy) to two individuals whom I can only think of as either incredibly unthinking or just plain idiotic. Your actions almost resulted in a trip to the emergency room for my 82-year-old mother.

The first happened on Feb. 20 when a black truck swerved toward the sidewalk where my mother was walking, spraying her with icy slush from head to toe, almost causing her to slip. If you did that on purpose, where was your thinking on that one? If you slid in the slush, why weren’t you driving to conditions?

The second incident occurred on Feb. 22. Again, my mother was out walking her regular route when a man walking his dog on a loose leash let it run toward her and it tried to jump on her. His response was, “Oh, he just wants to make friends.” He did not bring the dog under control but turned to talk to another man, at which time the dog tripped my mother and she fell, banging her head and shoulder on the hard ground. This “gentleman”, and I use the word loosely, didn’t even help her up or inquire if she was OK — nor did the man he was talking to.

When I went to check on her after she got home she had a bump on her forehead and a large bruise starting. Today, she is bruised on her shoulder and hip from the fall and her eye is also black. Why? Because not only did you not care enough about your dog to keep an eye on it but also because you showed total disregard for the welfare of anyone else by not keeping it on a tighter leash.

Definitely Frosties are in order for both of you.

Dianne Audette