Creston pennies can raise funds for GoGo Grannies

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To the Editor:

Everyone must now know that Canada’s last penny has been minted this week. Soon all pennies will be out of circulation and very few of these coins are of any collector value. It has been recommended that all those pennies in piggy banks, jars, weighting down wallets, and down between your couch cushions and car seats be donated to charities now while they can still be used for good works.

Creston’s GoGo Grannies work very hard to fund raise for the Stephen Lewis Foundation to send money to the hundreds of grandmothers in Africa who are raising multitudes of orphaned children due to the AIDS epidemic. There are many GoGo donation cans in town stores to collect coins, and two local businesses, Creston Card and Stationary downtown and Creston Valley Insurance at the mall, have volunteered to collect pennies in bulk for this worthy cause. Please consider the good those pennies can do.

Lynn Johnson