Creston needs to pick time zone and stick with it

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To the Editor:

I heard Coun. Judy Gadicke on the radio on Nov. 15 talking about changing Creston time to mountain time. Hallelujah! Please do this!

The time of day is very important for doing business in Creston. Many retired people seem to think it is OK to live in a constant state of confusion about the time of day, but as a business person in Creston, it is a pain in the you-know-what.

Years ago, (I think it was l984) a group of ladies and I drove to Creston in early November to participate in a conference. We were furious to find ourselves an hour late. The advertisers had not taken the space to explain that Creston does not do time like other people.

You all know, living in Creston, the time of day is always an issue. If you are headed to Cranbrook, is it the same time or later or earlier? And when you go to Porthill, what time is it there? And when you have a medical appointment in Trail, are you on the same time as Trail or not?

Normal people do not have to constantly think about the time of day. They change twice a year — spring forward and fall back — and that’s all there is to it. When I lived in Creston, I was constantly thinking about the time before every road trip. As my work took me all over the west and east Kootenays, there was rarely a day that I was not confused about the time of day.

This insanity should quit. The same time as Cranbrook would be fine — just choose one and stick with it. Yes, Joe, this means you too!

And while you are at it, leave the change of time at the top of the summit, not halfway between Yahk and Cranbrook.

If I were Rick Mercer, I would do a rant! Please settle this confusion once and for ever.

Holly Pender-Love