Creston mayor candidate did not misunderstand town finances

Web Lead

To the Editor:

For the record, according to Lorne Eckersley’s column, “This is the Life: Municipal election create good balance on Creston town council”, I had a “bizarre misunderstanding of town finances.” That is entirely untrue. What is bizarre is that certain people have not read the town finances that are available and believe they are something different than what is available in print from the town website.

Especially Mr. Toyota — at the mayoral candidates’ forum, he was entirely unaware of the total of the invoices over $25,000 (totalling close to $18 million), listed in the 2013 financial statement (although he signed off on them), and instead just resorted to what was listed in the 2013 annual report and claimed I was wrong.

I look forward to a retraction of Mr. Eckersley’s statement, and maybe, for transparency to the public, a printed copy of that list of invoices over $25,000.

Rhonda Barter (MacLellan)