Creston is served by BC Ambulance Service aircraft, not STARS

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Keep dollars in Creston Valley when making donations” and subsequent comments)

I do believe that STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) is a very good air ambulance service, and they are now supplying services into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

I have contacted STARS in regards to the calendar donations; this was in regards to the person who was representing them telling people that STARS was coming to Creston.

I was advised by STARS that they are not coming to Creston, they do not have a contract with the province of B.C. and, also, Creston would be at the very end of their flying ability with the aircraft they have.

You can go to the STARS website and see that they have not provided any recent medevac flight out of Creston. Creston is serviced by BC Ambulance Service air ambulances, which provide fixed wing and rotary wing service here, about 100 flights a year.

If someone wants to give a donation to STARS, I do believe it is going to a organization that does provide a excellent service.

The concern I have, as well as others I have spoken with, is that the person selling the STARS calendars was doing so by telling people that STARS was going to be providing that service to Creston, which is not true. BC Ambulance Service are the people that look after us here, so maybe your dollars should go to them if you want to keep up the excellent service.

George Green