Creston high school principal and Grade 12 students apologize for spray-painting

Web Lead

To the Editor:

After the Thanksgiving weekend, some spray-painted graffiti was found on the Lower Wynndel Road tunnel, including “Grad 2014” and some other images and writing. Those of you who saw the graffiti probably came to the same conclusion — that current Prince Charles Secondary School Grade 12 students were responsible. We do not know if that is the case or not, but even the possibility was disturbing.

In a meeting with the Grade 12s, we discussed the social and legal implications of such actions and volunteer Grade 12 students helped remove the graffiti the afternoon of Oct. 17. Our message is simple and clear: We value our positive relationship with the community, appreciate the scholarships and bursaries that this community generates, along with all the other donations and opportunities. We pride ourselves on our service activities, in which the entire staff and student population provide their time and effort to helping with different groups, organizations and programs around the community.

It is unfortunate that someone felt that this was an appropriate way to showcase their enthusiasm. Based on the statistical probability that the vandalism was done by someone in the PCSS family, we apologize specifically to the Town of Creston and YRB, and in general to the community.

PCSS Grade 12 Students, and

Sharen Popoff, Principal