Creston doctors have support of majority

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Future doc wants support, appreciation” by Jacqueline MacKay, page 7, Jan. 20 Advance)

All communities, both large and small, at some time or other, have a faction of people who are malcontents, who find fault with doctors, policemen, town councillors and others. Anyone who serves the public knows that at times, they will likely be the object of anger and false accusations from those factions.

The other 98 per cent of us can only hope that our doctors, policemen, town councillors and others realize that the malcontents do not speak for the majority. Those who, regardless of the facts, insist on publishing “their take” on things will use gossip, misinformation and blatant distortion of the facts — anything in order to discredit, blame and find fault with a particular profession or group of people.

The (silent) majority supports our doctors and all those who provide the services to keep us healthy, safe and free from injustices — unfortunately, we keep silent far too often. Because of that silence, we receive letters like yours, judging all of us on the basis of hearsay, even going so far as to accuse the town as a whole of alienating their doctors. I do not accept your judgment of Creston and it’s people, because it is not true. I am sure you will eventually decide on a town or city in which to practice medicine. When you find one where 100 per cent of the population is in total agreement with all issues all the time and where no one is dogmatic or malcontent or ignorant, please let me know where it is.

(Re: “Docs and their families need our support” by Shirley Parent, page 7, Jan. 20 Advance)

You drew a fairly accurate picture of the life of a physician, which could be lived in any small town in Canada. I’m sure you will find no argument.

Unfortunately, you seem to have taken up the same attitude as Jacqueline MacKay, that the town does not support its doctors. I assume you are another one who has fallen victim to the hearsay of the malcontents, as your last sentence began, “I think it is time we showed our physicians and their families some support.”

I do not accept your judgment either. If the truth be known, as I have previously stated, 98 per cent of the people of Creston and area do support their doctors and families. I fervently hope, that I will not read one more letter to the editor falsely accusing the majority of people in Creston of non-support, alienation or lack of appreciation of their doctors. I think I could take the liberty of speaking for the majority by saying that we do support them. We certainly appreciate them. And as to alienation of our doctors — well, let me put it this way: 98 per cent of us do not and would not bite the hand that feeds us!

Gail Bosgra