Creston community complex good for all in valley

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To the Editor:

For some time I have read the letters to the editor and have taken part in discussions about the Creston and District Community Complex, from well-meant suggestions about fundraising to help with the finances to some too stupid to take seriously, like taking a wrecking ball to it. I must admit that I have not looked into the finances recently; some years ago, I was well informed of the cost involved and can understand that it is not easy to come up with exact estimates, especially in these times of financial uncertainties. I voted for it in the referendum and believed then, as I do today, that it is one of he better decisions made by the Creston and district community and its elected leaders.

That the surrounding communities were “lassoed” in is another thoughtless response. The high cost of a swimming pool and some other facilities was getting simply too high for small communities. I was living in Wynndel at the time and know how we had to struggle and put in many hours of volunteer work to keep our pool operating until we finally had to give up.

Now, because of the foresight of our leaders and the support of progressive members of our communities, we have this great facility for the whole valley. Yes, there is a cost, but I believe that collectively the people of Creston and district can handle it. our tax system is well set up to handle it much better than fundraising or a user-pay system.

There are many worthwhile fundraising opportunities in our communities. Volunteers in great numbers are generously contributing their time and talents. Communities are built when citizens make commitments to build a better future.

The Creston Valley has an admirable history of success in working together, and that should be the road map and legacy for our future. We live in a wonderful valley and have proven again and again that our society is well served through community action. Many good communities create a good country, and that is why our Canada is the best in the world.

Henry Dahle