Creston chamber of commerce must explain position

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To the Editor:

In his June 7 column, “Local Shopping Helps Support Community”, Jim Jacobsen of the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce encouraged us to shop locally — a very understandable position.

However, this contradicts what the Canadian Chamber of Commerce promotes while it is lobbying the federal government for free trade and more open borders. The Harper government has responded by increasing the purchasing limits in the U.S. it contradicts what the local chamber of commerce is asking Creston citizens to consider.

It is incumbent on the Creston chamber of commerce to explain its position. Are you encouraging us to shop locally and/or do you support the increased competition and diversity by shopping in the U.S.?

Come to think of it, this must be the same dilemma that Creston merchants face while they are shopping south of the line.

Frank Orosz