Creston animal shelter sometimes too full to take in more

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Few options in Creston Valley for unwanted animals”)

Being an active volunteer at Claudia’s Place, the domestic animal shelter owned and operated by the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society, I have had many heartwrenching moments when it is apparent that we have, once again, reached our limit of cats or dogs. There never seems to be a limit on those that need our care. The shelter operates on donations and grants with dedicated volunteers working long hours.

When the building was first built, we all thought it would be a very long time before we used all the space. We were wrong. We need more space. We have the “cat pad” housing our general population of cats. We also have two isolation rooms, two bathrooms and a hallway that at times (like now) are all occupied. We also have fostered cats and a waiting list of cats that are slated to come in as soon as there is room.

When a cat is brought in for us to take care of, it must be kept in isolation for two weeks to make sure it is healthy enough to join our established residents. Sometimes it turns out to have some condition that prohibits its ability to live in the same enclosure as the other cats (diabetes, thyroid, etc.). These cats need special care and food, and so must have separate quarters.

Ms. Wright sounds like a very caring and compassionate person. I feel her frustration with a seemingly hopeless situation. I am sorry she had a bad experience but would like to remind her that we are all doing our best. If Ms. Wright would be interested in volunteering, we would welcome the help. She may even find a solution to her problem once she has a chance to see how things work.

Mary Miller