Creston animal owners must pick up after their pets

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Spring has sprung and everyone is spending time outdoors checking plants and lawn for signs of growth. The grass is green, the trees are budding, the bulbs are flowering — it’s all lovely! But I am outside with my shovel, picking up other people’s pet droppings.

I choose to not own a pet because I do not want to do all the things associated with responsible pet ownership. Some people have designated areas in their yards for their pets’ needs. Others walk their pets and carry a bag for cleanup.

And then there are those who walk their animals and allow them to use the neighbour’s lawn and don’t clean up. And others open the door and let the dog choose wherever he wants and then call him back in once he’s done.

Please clean up after your pets. It keeps everyone happier, the yards remain a safe and clean place for children to run and play, and my shovel stays cleaner!

Cecile Eddy