Creston and Canada don’t need to welcome refugees

Web Lead

To the Editor:

(Re: “Creston Refugee Committee helps Burmese family find new home”)

Who does this refugee committee with its nincompoop ideas think it is, playing God and bringing foreign families into our low-economy environment to take jobs away from the locals?

The economy is bad enough here with so many stores closing. Take a close look around you and pay attention to the fast food outlets, the realtors and the local store clerks. The majority of them are in their 70s. And why? They are still working because they can’t afford to retire.

There are multiple young people on social assistance stuck here because they can’t afford to move. When a menial job does come up, the Creston Refugee Committee and the Harper government, who can’t see past their own noses, arrange for an outsider to move into our area and compete for the job at the expense of we taxpayers. And on free medical!

This is only the beginning. Harper is bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. Within a few short years, we Canadians will be in the same predicament that the refugees came from, namely, a country full of people who do not have the will to take up the fight to destroy the homegrown enemy within or a foreign attack.

We lost millions of our young military personnel, who died for our country and for us, in the two world wars. Now, it’s only thought of for one day, on Nov. 11. I say, give the refugees a rifle and send them back — and send the Creston Refugee Committee and Harper back with them.

Michael Bunn