Cresteramics Chatter: Volunteer made Creston program stronger

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Terry Nowak is a board member of the Cresteramics Society.

Terry Nowak is a board member of the Cresteramics Society.

The regular programs at Cresteramics have continued through the summer and the members are still enthusiastic about all that they participate in. Our Thursday afternoon music group joined in the singalong at the Canyon Street Walkthrough piano and had such a good time that they will be back. Join us there on Thursday afternoons.

Four new artists are displaying and selling their creations at our Canyon Street store so stop by and have a look. Visitors to Creston have been very impressed with the range and quality of products for sale. I wonder if locals are aware of this opportunity to buy quality local artwork and crafts.

I am going to take this opportunity to let you know about one of our strongest supporters who has recently passed away. Beth Kastelan served on the board of directors of the Cresteramics Society for well over 15 years. She was a strong advocate of persons with disabilities, not just through Cresteramics, but through all she did. She devoted countless hours and her many connections to ensuring everyone had opportunities for employment, fulfillment and the chance to contribute. Beth was a lifetime member of CUPE, something she was very proud of, and her skills in this area assisted Cresteramics in the area of labor management.

Our Cresteramics store was represented by Beth to the Creston Valley Business Association. Her suggestions and support were big factors in the store being viable and successful. Beth’s own store, Wear Withall, employed Cresteramics members whenever possible. From repairing the Cresteramics sewing machine to helping to develop enriching programs and activities for the members, Beth always contributed. Beth served on other boards and committees and her presence in the community is greatly missed. Cresteramics is a strong organization because of her contributions to us.

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who employ our members, to the organizations that support us and to the people who include us in community activities. A special thank you to the Advance for the coverage that allows others to be aware of all the fun we have at Cresteramics.

Terry Nowak is a board member of the Cresteramics Society.