Cooling off period needed before discussing West Creston fire protection

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To the Editor:

Regardless of which majority made the wise decision in the West Creston fire service petition, whether it was the Dec. 31 majority no vote or the Jan. 15 majority yes-vote, there is a principle involved here, beyond arguments over whose money is used for what and whether security is a vapour.

At a time of near pandemic angst and anxiety at the way politics and the economy are headed, there should have been more sensitivity in the way the petition vote was handled. In my opinion, a cooling off period would be helpful for the sake of community solidarity. If the yes vote side is correct, their chances of reaching a consensus should improve with time.

Meanwhile, we Canadians can look with envy on Iceland, which jailed their fraudulent bankers and now enjoys a low rate of unemployment.

Robert Betts

West Creston