Clarification of cross-border shopping question from candidates’ forum

Web Lead

To the Editor:

(Re: “Nelson-Creston election candidates questioned on natural gas extraction, education, cross-border shopping”)

The question/comment that I had for the candidates was misrepresented. Mr. Eckersley wrote this about my question/comment, “Proximity to the U.S. border makes it difficult for Canadian businesses to complete.” I had to leave early because I was ill, so my question was written out, and maybe it was not read correctly, but I doubt it because of the fact that it was written out and I had the moderator check it. I do not have a copy of the question, since I wrote it on a piece of paper at the forum. But it went something like, “Being we are in such close proximity to the United States, how can Creston ‘increase’ trade with the United States and help boost the Creston economy?”

Just another thought on the sparseness of the crowd — this forum was not well advertised. I found out about it via a personal email someone sent me. I know I got inquiries about it after the fact because people did not know it was going on, and they wish they would have known so they could have attended.

Rhonda Barter