Christians must display more than simply love

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Think on These Things: True Christians can be identified by their actions”)

The author’s focus on God’s love is to be commended. Nothing can diminish its importance. However, there seemed to be something missing: God’s love in relation to God’s truth. God’s love is briefly described in the Ten Commandments; as Christians choose to become like Christ, they will demonstrate keeping of that law of love in their hearts, minds, and actions, as Christ did. (Romans 3:31, 13:10)

Truth without love can be an instrument of cruelty and death. Love without truth doesn’t really care, and will “kill with kindness”. Love and truth must go together. With one oar, a boat will spin in circles. With two, it can go somewhere.

While it is very true that many “religious” things are nothing more than noise and vapour, love does care about the difference between what is true and false. Ask a parent who loves their child if they are interested in that difference, and why. God’s love is the same. From beginning to end, His word reveals His interest in this difference — not because His ego needs feeding, but because He loves us and wants good for us, not evil. (Jeremiah 29:11, John 10:10)

As Christians love others, they, too, will want to stand for what is good and true. Acknowledging the difference between truth and falsehood is an inseparable component of love. As Christ has shown us, love must take action on that difference, just as surely as truth and falsehood both exist, with their consequences.

Ken Lemky