Choose carefully when donating to charities

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Hello to everyone of our beautiful world. I am not a philosopher; nevertheless, I appreciate beauty in its nature. Some people will call us different, but I do not care as long as I get my message across in another matter.

I have noticed some children go to bed hungry. We in our Western world do not realize the extent of the suffering these people are going through. I can recall looking at a video of a teenaged African who was suffering from hunger, obviously, with tears coming down his cheeks. It just broke my heart that we have plenty and others have so little. I know I cannot change the world all by myself. I would if I could.

So with these thoughts in our minds, let’s give to a proper organization that sees the need to distribute where it should be. I know I am asking the impossible. Take a look at some of these centres. Only 10 per cent goes to the needy, leaving 90 per cent to the administrations. That’s a crying shame. So do we dare ask for some changes? Frankly, I don’t really know.

With some supporting ideas coming from the public and our government, it can be achieved, but I am warning you that there will be obstacles to cope with. It seems just about everyone has a love for the almighty dollar.

Richard L. Cote