Central Kootenay directors Kettle and Jackman shouldn’t be able to prevent daylight time vote

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Creston town council decides to drop daylight time issue”)

Unbelievable. “[Creston Mayor Ron] Toyota met with opposition from [Regional District of Central Kootenay] Area A director Gary Jackman and Area B director John Kettle, neither of whom support a move to daylight time.” I would like to know how these two men are authorized to stonewall a pursuit for a referendum in this valley on daylight time.

And in the same article, “Kettle organized an online survey of his constituents, with the majority of respondents opposing a change.” How would Mr. Kettle’s “survey” stand up to the scrutiny of a statistician? How was his survey worded? How many people responded? Two out of three respondents opposed is a strong two-thirds majority, but it also means that only one more person is opposed out of that sampling.

If we were to follow Mr. Kettle’s logic, we could dispense with the bother and expense of any election once the pre-election polls (surveys) are taken. Just place into office the person/party who has the majority at that point in time. Our situation is not in the same league as a civic election. I get that. But the principal holds true nonetheless. We are being denied our democratic right based on the whim, wishes and power of two directors. This so-called democracy in which we live and e should cherish so dearly is laughable when two men can so easily derail it.

Larry Binks, Area C director and supporter of a referendum on the issue, good for you! Now talk some sense into your colleagues so they are no longer permitted to decide what’s good for the rest of us. History is replete with examples of Big Brother(s) running the show, and that’s not a good thing, on principle alone.

Glen Whitehead