Cast vote for freedom from current leadership

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To the Editor:

The only pictures I’ve seen of my mother’s childhood were of the German occupation of Holland, so I have been haunted by the question, How could ordinary citizens have been so duped into believing the message espoused by what would soon become a fascist dictatorship?

I consider myself non-partisan and am skeptical of what I hear and read, but I do listen. Stephen Harper says that if we don’t vote in a Conservative majority, we will be stuck with a coalition.

Under the right leadership, we would have a coalition — a coalition of all the representatives voted in by all the voters to work collaboratively in governing our country for the benefit of all people. The people we elect, whatever his or her party affiliation, should be given the respect to be heard and worked with co-operatively.

Stephen Harper is clever at strategizing and adept at using his public office to massage his message, but do we want cleverness from our leaders?

As in a family, the foundation of a healthy and sane political structure is a safe, generative environment of respectful communication. I don’t believe our current leadership has any desire for respectful communication.

Helen White