Canyon resident telling non-profits to stop sending pre-Christmas junk mail

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Tis the season — for non-profits to solicit my donations before I can squander my limited funds on Christmas. I don’t mind reminders, but I draw the line at the boatloads of junk they send me (produced with my donated money) for which I have no use.

In what decade do these organizations operate? No one writes letters to be sent by snail mail, no one pays bills by mail, no one sends cards, no one writes little notes and no one can use 40 ballpoint pens!

I’m done. This year, in response, I am sending a polite request for all of them to stop sending me labels (with the wrong spelling of my name, the wrong street spelling and the wrong postal code) made by some sweatshop offshore. I am asking them to save the environment from all this trash mailing and to save my donated money to actually forward the causes I support. There will be no cheque enclosed. Maybe that will send a message.

OMG, I have to mail it. No worries — I have labels!

Signe Miller