Canyon couple grateful to staff at Creston Valley Hospital

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To the Editor:

There is no place on Earth I would sooner be than right here. And here is part of the reason why:

On Feb. 14, I had to take Carol to the emergency room as she was suffering extreme pain in her tummy, which would not go away. Having seen the problems with emergency rooms and the time need in other towns and cities, I was concerned there would be a long waiting period for Carol to get help.

We got to the emergency department and within six or seven minutes there was a nurse there taking care of her — and while I realize it was a coincidence, her doctor just happened to be there about 10 minutes later.

This is to say thank you to all those wonderful and dedicated workers and staff. From the doctors to the cleaners, all were thoughtful and helpful to Carol. She was frightened, and so was I, but someone was there to hold her hand when I was not there, and to let her know she was being taken care of. Even though they are overworked and understaffed at times, they were there.

Carol was back home in four days and the problem is now under control, thanks to the treatment and advice from the doctor, dietitian and nurses, and the good work being done in the hospital in our town.

We are very grateful and pleased to live in Creston.

Jim Kennedy