Canada’s new government must take climate change crisis seriously

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To the Editor:

It’s time to vote for a government that will take this climate change crisis seriously. Recent forest fires, windstorms and early water shortages are being experienced here in the Kootenays. Globally, climate change is horrendously apparent by the heat deaths, famine, catastrophic flooding, slides and desperate people trying to save their lives.

Each of we individuals is capable of mitigating climate change. Yes, we can conserve water; however, that is putting a bandage on a wound that will not heal. We must heal the cause of the wound — fossil fuel use and governance that favours the few wealthy over all of us common people.

Neither the Conservative nor Liberal international corporate business representative parties take climate change seriously. Fossil fuel extraction, manufacturing and shipping, and the war economy based on acquiring foreign fossil fuel resources is the base economy of the Conservative and Liberal governments. The money generated from the giveaway of our Canadian resources masses unethical wealth for the international few and results in austerity and overwhelming economic and environmental devastation for the majority of Canadians. We have witnessed that their promises of a thriving economy based on fossil fuel are false.

Voting for a science-guided New Democrat government in collaboration with the Green Party, with voice-for-all-parties participation through the proportional representational voting system, will create a job-rich sustainable economy mitigating and adapting to climate change for all of us.

The Conservatives and Liberals have had their chance and they have failed us. Life is getting more insecure and expensive under their governance. Weather chaos doesn’t exist in their world; all that matters is short-sighted fossil fuel dollars generated for a few wealthy — climate change and citizen strife be damned. The Conservatives and Liberals have created a sad, fearful world, full of war profits, terrorism and hardship.

Seize your opportunity to participate in a democratic governing system where each of us can make a difference in providing solutions for climate change and enrich our local communities, determining what jobs need to be accomplished by local employment. Reject being victims to government sanctioned, foreign-owned, foreign worker and free-trade corporations determining our local future.

You are important because you can vote. Please vote for peace and prosperity, and for local governance that is quick to identify and prevent crisis.

Susan Eyre