Canada already had female prime minister

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Upcoming U.S. election will be historic”)

Mr. Clement’s letter left me somewhat puzzled. He says, at one point, conjecturing on the future, “We may have a woman as prime minister — preferably Conservative.” Has he forgotten Kim Campbell or did she not have enough of those qualities he listed to count?

He then goes on to say, “In regard to my own philosophy, I am conservative, but also progressive, believing in equality between men and women, protecting health care, education, the environment, working with unions in a positive way (non-union employees are also important), helping those who are less fortunate and building a better world for future generations.”

Since the conservative government of B.C. and the conservative government of Canada have been most active in destroying all of the above items, I can only presume that he is proclaiming his conservatism in a personal, and not political sense.

And yes, Attila the Hen, true to the conservative doctrine, did manage to destroy all of the above for her British subjects, but in the spirit of “thinking positively”, I suppose we should all wish her a happy birthday. And if we really care about her in her declining years, we should also be thankful that she can afford private health insurance.

Larry Ewashen