Campus Connection: Creston’s COTR campus putting the community in community college

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Kerry Hobbs is the manager of the Creston campus of College of the Rockies.

Kerry Hobbs is the manager of the Creston campus of College of the Rockies.

Many people already recognize the College of the Rockies’ Creston campus as a provider of a variety of programs for career preparation, professional development and pleasure. But we are always looking to improve by providing courses and content that directly represents the needs of the community we serve!

The college is already implementing some wonderful new agricultural programs to reflect one of our community’s major industries, but we don’t want to stop there — we want to continue to diversify and be able to offer something for everyone.

The Creston campus would like to invite the people of the Creston Valley to come forward with their ideas for new courses that could be offered. Course ideas can be continuing education for developing new skills that will aide people in the business arena or general interest courses that allow people the opportunity to find or expand upon a hobby or interest. Maybe you have always wanted to see how to design your own website or how to provide first aid to a pet — whatever it is, we would like to hear from you with your suggestions.

The Creston campus of the College of the Rockies would also like to hear from people interested in being instructors. We are a community blessed with some amazing people who have credentials and/or experience in a wide array of fields. Why not put your knowledge and experience to work by sharing it with other like-minded people right here in your community? The college is happy to assist you in turning your ideas into practice. By meeting with you and looking through your resumé, we can discuss your ideas and your level of comfort with providing instruction. Not all courses need a formal qualification to instruct; sometimes experience and enthusiasm are all that is required. We encourage you to step forward and will work with you to develop and provide the best possible program.

While not all suggestions will be viable due to instruction, numbers of interested participants and conflict with other programs, we will endeavour to look at and consider each and every idea we receive.

Why not allow yourself time to uncover new interests and skills or expand and develop knowledge you already have? At the College of the Rockies, it’s never too late to learn!

Kerry Hobbs is the manager of the Creston campus of the College of the Rockies.